Available October 21, 2020
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Holding Space
The Creative Performance and Voice Workbook for Yoga Teachers

by Sarah Scharf. Foreword by Judith Hanson Lasater, PT, Ph.D.


Essential introductory guidebook for yoga teachers, outlining theatre principles of voice work and performance skills


This expert guide provides yoga teachers with the skills they need to understand how to care for and improve their voices technically, as well as how to express themselves authenticity and effectively as a teacher.

Being able to give instruction clearly and with emotional intelligence is part of the personal development that each yoga teacher goes through. This book offers instruction, support and ideas on how to embark on the journey of yoga teaching with greater confidence and mindfulness. After the basics in vocal projection, inflection and intonation are covered, the book details the psychological significance of believing in your own value and finding what makes each teacher unique and accessible to their students. It includes advice on safe boundaries in the student/teacher relationship, self-care, and tips on how to deal with common teaching mishaps with grace and humour.

Improvisation techniques and personal stories from other teachers help to expand the reader’s skills further to create an affirming, practical guidebook for all yoga teachers.


Inclusive: not specific to lineage, so any style of yoga teaching can benefit from the book
Essential skills: focused on helping teachers develop their skills as teachers, not as marketing or business professionals

Course adoption: suitable as a module for teacher training or in-house course for yoga studios
Buddhist philosophy: building on the foundation that there is inherent goodness in all beings, this book seeks to help each teacher find their true and clear voice, which we each inherently possess


‘Holding Space fills an oft-neglected gap in yoga teacher trainings by expertly showing us how to play that most powerful of instruments – our voice. Carefully distilled from over two decades of dedicated voice-work and yoga experience, Sarah’s accessible, nuanced, and wise writing makes this book a captivating and informative guide for yogis everywhere.’ – David Kim, Senior YogaWorks Teacher Trainer & YogaWise Yin Trainer


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