Is anybody out there? Yoga in the inbox. . .

It has been so long since my last newsletter, getting back into the mode for writing this has been a struggle. It reminds me of times when my yoga practice is a huge effort. The days when I am too distracted to dive into practice, the moments when I have all the reasons not to stay on the mat, or even get on! When I began writing newsletters I did a monthly essay, writing about what was on my mind in the world of yoga and teaching. After my son was born I shifted to a seasonal letter. Then last season I kept pushing it back, and here I am today; back again.

Since my last newsletter there have been big changes in the EU data regulation, so those of you who do want to read my news please know I respect your privacy, only write when I feel it’s important (which is not as often as I’d like!) would never share your info and also that I really appreciate hearing back from you.

When I make it to my mat, I have the immediate feedback of a better day, more space in my head to stay kinder and a happier body. With this newsletter I don’t have that feedback loop in the same way. Some of you write back and share how you are feeling, some of you tell me in class that you like the newsletter. Thank you. I’m in the process of upgrading my website (take a look!) and shifting my approach to social media. For those of you reading, I’d love to hear from you. Do you want more newsletters? With social media what helps inspire you to keep practicing? The funny stuff? The videos? Instructional tips? I want to create content that is meaningful for you, especially if we aren’t in the same city. It’s important for me not to add to the noise or reinforce images of yoga as a “think white woman’s” hobby.

I know you are busy, it’s one of the plagues of modern life. When you have a minute, drop me a line. Let me know what you like, what you want from being on this list, from my social media.

Thanks for reading this, I like to think of it as a friendly reminder to take a breath as you read, something in your inbox that is a whisper of what yoga can be in your life.