30 Hour Pre-Natal Yoga Teacher Training

@ Alkemy in collaboration with Shakti Academy 


Next Training planned for November/December 2021!

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Taught over 2 weekends.


Gain the skills to safely guide your yoga students through pregnancy and support them after. This course will prepare you to confidently engage with pregnant students in your open yoga classes and teach specialty classes for pregnant women. Learn the physiological and anatomical changes of pregnancy in relation to yoga and how the practice can be a tool for empowering women during this transformational journey. No matter what type of yoga you teach, working with pregnant students can be a rewarding an enriching experience. We will learn a feminine approach to asana as well as appropriate breathing and relaxation techniques that give women a strong foundation for birth and parenthood. This holistic practice of taking care of the mother is the basis for the health of the entire family and ultimately the community of our world. Each trainee will receive a PDF course manual and a pre & post-natal DVD. Open to yoga teachers of all styles and experience levels as well as midwives, doulas, birth educators and healthcare providers wishing to include yoga in their work.


Module 1

We focus on understanding the physical and emotional shifts taking place during all four trimesters, from conception through lactation. Practical knowledge of how to include modifications for all stages of pregnancy in your open classes is the aim of the first weekend. Teachers who plan to do only module 1 will be prepared at the end to know what is safe and helpful for their students who regularly practice with them and want to continue working together during pregnancy. Understanding how poses affect the baby’s position and how to deal with the most common prenatal concerns are covered. Basic information on the “fourth trimester” and immediate post-natal time is explained, as well as how to support women coming back to practicing yoga after birth. Common attitudes and fears related to pregnancy will be discussed with emphasis on the framing pregnancy as normal, healthy and positive. For many practitioners of yoga the prenatal time is about letting go of how the practice was and embracing the body’s new needs through modifications and and open mind.


Module 2

Building on the information from the previous weekend we will look more closely at the spiritual growth process of becoming a mother, from both yogic and Buddhist philosophy. How to sequence and guide women in specialty pre-natal yoga is the aim of our weekend, with discussion of how to create a nurturing and honest circle of women in each class as well as how to work individually. Dealing with beginner students, teaching mixed levels and different stages of pregnancy in one group is an important skill you will practice. How to further modify and provide best practice tips for more physically challenging conditions that are common in pregnancy will be covered. Using yoga, breath and touch for labour and preparing for labour during the third trimester is an important element of this weekend.  We will discuss the full spectrum of becoming a mother, which includes loss and infertility. Supporting each mother’s experience with respect and sensitivity is emphasised, no matter if their approach to birth is natural or medical. Creating a circle that is inclusive and provides an emotional support network for sharing resources and knowledge is the deeper goal of this group work. Eva Teja will lead a special segment on the medical establishment that women navigate as well as providing a doula perspective.


Please note that you will be required to do some reading and writing/journaling assignments before the training begins. Reading list and pre-course assignments will be emailed to you with your booking confirmation.


Certification and Yoga Alliance Continuing Education credits for 30 hours dependant on full attendance of both weekends and a final project with written report and additional fee of €100.00



Saturdays & Sundays 10:00 – 17:00 with 60-minute lunch break


**in case of Corona Regulations all training will be moved live online via Zoom


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