YogaWorks 200 Hour Training

March 30 – June 9, 2019 Vienna, Austria

I’m very excited to be assisting this amazing training.

Email me for more information.


YogaWorks 300 Hour Advanced Training

October 5 – November 3, 2019 Paros, Greece

This is a fabulous opportunity to take your learning and teaching to the next level. Anna Zorzou and David Kim will be the lead teachers on a four week destination experience on the Greek island of Paros at the Okre Blue Retreat. I will be teaching the specialty sections on Prenatal and Restorative Yoga.



Voice and Performance Training for Yoga Teaching

June 1 & 2, 2019

YogaCampus, London

In this two day-long workshop, we will explore vocal and physical theatre techniques to improve your ability to present your teaching. This workshop aims to give concrete tools to develop your unique voice. The second day will build upon the first and give you more space to take this work further. Students from previous years are welcome to join in the second day.

The art of teaching is a craft that entails bringing your whole self to what you do. Suitable for all teachers and teachers-in-training, we will explore voice and physical theatre techniques to improve your teaching presence. We will also discuss the role of being a yoga teacher, and how to express more of your true self with your students in a meaningful way. We all have some level of anxiety that comes with teaching; public speaking is the number one fear for most people. Facing your fears mindfully and learning to see the process as valuable is a way to bring a yogic approach to your development as a teacher.

Holding space authentically requires strong and receptive awareness, similar to the awareness an actor needs on stage. This work will give you concrete tools to develop your unique voice, as well as learning how to improve your tone, musicality, diction, projection and ability to care for your voice. As a professional teacher your voice is your most valuable asset; over use or misuse can lead to missed classes. If you want to teach, you need to learn how to protect your instrument. During the day, you will have a chance to receive individual feedback on ways to help improve your vocal skills, build awareness of language habits, and ways to clarify teaching. Lots of fun warm-ups and exercises to increase comfort with improvisation and responding to the moment will break the ice and help you move from fear to confidence getting up in front of groups.

The second day will build upon the first and give you more space to take this work further. Students from previous years are welcome to join in the second day.

Day 1

  • Body language
  • Voice Anatomy and Technique: Finding your safe and clear sound -How people learn best: reaching visual, audio and kinesthetic learners -Understanding your place on the stage: sight lines, floor work and acoustics
  • Improvisation and being present with the students in the room
  • Embracing the practice of teaching: journaling and self-care

Day 2

  • Role Playing
  • Individual Coaching
  • Beyond Improvisation: playing each moment
  • Your unique voice- owning your power by speaking your truth
  • Language- why what you say matters and less is more
  • Boundaries and the role of the teacher

Not thoroughly covered in most trainings, these skills are vital to being a great teacher. This work is appropriate for teachers at any stage in their career. Come prepared to play with your edges and surprise yourself!


“The course was good and it is really needed for yoga teachers. Inspirational and more ‘actor’ practice adds value to people and their communication.” – Ann Goodin on Finding Your Authentic Voice: Practical Performance Skills for Yoga Teachers, April 2017

“Loved, loved, loved this workshop. A good balance of practical and theory. It could be an overwhelming day if too much individual in front of the group, but it totally wasn’t overwhelming at all.”– Shannon Cant, yoga teacher of over 5 years, participant in April 2018

_“Sarah is so knowledgeable and someone who I felt I could trust and listen to and release inhibitions and fears. Fab lady.” _ – Julia Woodward, training to be a yoga teacher, participant April 2018


2019/2020 Restorative Teacher Trainings

Details to Come!